Thursday, November 16, 2017

11th DreamLiner 787-9 for Japan Airlines

AirLine Operator        Japan Airlines
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            16-11-2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

13th DreamLiner 787-9 for American

AirLine Operator        American
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            14-11-2017

4th DreamLiner 787-9 for Air France

AirLine Operator        Air France
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            14-11-2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

14th DreamLiner 787-9 for Hainan Airlines

AirLine Operator       Hainan Airlines
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            11-11-2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Boeing Delivered 12 DreamLiners In October

              Boeing & Co. Delivered 12 DreamLiners in the month of October, Eleven 787-9's and a sole 787-8 included in the list.Air India, Soon going to be Under Disinvestment took its last 787-8 on Order and completed its DreamLiner Order which announced on the ways back 2006 as a part of Its Mega Order for 68 Boeing Airplanes.We may see these Dreamliners under Brand New Livery in the Coming Days.Also Another Asian Carrier also completed its DreamLiner Order and this one is for Thai Airways, Which Received its second 787-9 from Aercap on lease. Thai Airways now operates about Eight DreamLiners.

              One more Notable Delivery includes First 787-9 for Ethiopian Airlines. The Leading African Airline Welcomed its DreamLiner 787-9 to its Base. It has another 3 more DreamLiners on Order and soon it may Place a follow up order for More 787-9's.

          Its a Time for Most Prestigious and Most Awaited Occasion as The Australian Carrier QANTAS started Inducing the DreamLiners into its Long-Haul Fleet. During a Ceremony in Everette on 16th Oct Marks the Milestone When it received its Fist 787-9 out of 8 DreamLiners on Order.Will soon be seen These Airplanes flying the Farthest Destinations like London, Los Angeles from its Bases of Melbourne and Perth. The Carrier already Said that it will Firm the DreamLiner Options it has once The Received fleet making Profits.

Air Canada 1
Air India 1
Air Newzealand 1
American 1
EL AL Airways 1
Ethiopian Airways 1
Etihad Airways 1
Hainan Airlines 1
Norwegian Air 1
Thai Airways 1

More DreamLiner Order's Hit Boeing Order Book

Egypt Air To Order DreamLiners

            Cairo Based Egypt Air is Committed to Replace its Long-Haul Ageing Fleet with Boeing 787-9 DreamLiners. Board of Directors of The Egyptian Flag Carrier Approved the Acquisition and soon to be Firmed once the Negotiations done.

Singapore Airlines Firmed its Ordere for 19 787-10 and 20 777X

          As this Deal is Already on the Boeing's order book as Unidentified customer After Paris Airshow, But the official Signing ceremony went High during the presence of American President Donald Trump and Singapore Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong.Adding these 19 to the total, 787-10 Orders stands at 177. Singapore Airlines Already had 30 Firm orders for this model and its the Launch customer when Boeing Launched the Program in Paris Airshow 2013.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

12th DreamLiner 787-8 for Avianca

AirLine Operator        Avianca
787 Type                   787-8
Delivery Date            01-11-2017

2nd DreamLiner 787-9 for Thai Airways

AirLine Operator       Thai Airways
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            31-10-2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

1st DreamLiner 787-9 for Ethiopian Airlines

AirLine Operator       Ethiopian Airlines
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            26-10-2017

12th DreamLiner 787-9 for Norwegian Air

AirLine Operator       Norwegian Air
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            26-10-2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

22nd DreamLiner 787-9 for Air Canada

AirLine Operator       Air Canada
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            20-10-2017