Friday, April 21, 2017

2nd DreamLiner 787-9 for Oman Air

AirLine Operator         Oman Air
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            21-04-2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2nd DreamLiner 787-9 for Air France

AirLine Operator         Air France
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            19-04-2017

7th DreamLiner 787-8 for Scoot

AirLine Operator         Scoot
787 Type                   787-8
Delivery Date            19-04-2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

22nd DreamLiner 787-9 for ANA

AirLine Operator         ANA
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            18-04-2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

6th DreamLiner 787-9 for Saudia

AirLine Operator         Saudia
787 Type                   787-9
Delivery Date            10-04-2017

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Boeing Delivered 10 DreamLiners in March

                  Boeing Handed over 10 DreamLiners in the month of March including two Early Build and So called Terrible Teens to Ethiopian and Crystal Air. As reported Last year by Crystal Air,They are yet to find a buyer for this Terrible teen as this Bird is too small for its Luxurios Operations.Other Notable Deliveries includes a BBJ Destined for UAE government for Presidential operations. Virgin Atlantic taken their 14th 787-9 near after Ten months. Also Saudi airlines started getting their 787-9's nearly after a Year and Norwegian also got their First DreamLiner in this Year.

               On Overall in First Quarter, Boeing Delivered 31 DreamLiners of which Twenty Three 787-9's and Eight 787-8's. Slightly Less than projected by Boeing due to the Induction of 787-10 in Charleston .

Biggest DreamLiner 787-10 is in the Air


Photo : Boeing

                Newest and Biggest in DreamLiner family, 787-10 is completed its First Flight on 31st march Flew from Charleston.First Flight Nearly Last about Five Hours and its Already Flew to Boeing Field for its Certification Flight Testing. A year long Flight testing will be carried out with Three Test Frames before the First Delivery to Singapore Airlines Next summer.

Air India to Induct DreamLiner 787-9's

           According to, Air India Board has approved a praposal to induct Bigger 787-9's into its fleet to complement its 787-8 fleet. Air India is vigarously expanding into East Coast of US and wants to add more destinations by Next two years and including Canada. The praposal is for around Seven 787-9 DreamLiners.

20th DreamLiner 787-8 for American

AirLine Operator         American
787 Type                   787-8
Delivery Date            08-04-2017